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<h1><img src="demo-logo.png" alt="demo logo" /> demo</h1>

<p>A fake terminal cleans up user input and sends it to the server. The server then parses the input, and if it matches a predefined command, spawns a child process of that command/program. I really liked the ability to try out haskell interactively <a href="">here</a> and <a href="">here</a>, so this is something like that.</p>

<p><img src="demo.png" alt="demo screenshot" /></p>

<h1>installation and running</h1>


<h1>install dependencies</h1>

<p>npm install</p>

<h1>copy example config</h1>

<p>cp config-example.js config.js</p>

<h1>edit key, certificate, and passphrase information</h1>

<p>nano config.js</p>

<h1>run server (if no port number is provided, 12345 in this example, the server will default to port 8181)</h1>

<p>node server.js 12345</p>

<h1>edit server information</h1>

<p>nano demo.js</p>

<h1>then you can connect to the server from a client (e.g. client-example.html)</h1>




<h1>remove this directory</h1>

<p>rm -rfI demo