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// PURPOSE --------- This program determines whether a user-inputted string is a palindorme or not
// AUTHOR ---------- liam beckman
// DATE ------------ 11 November 2016 friday
// SOURCES --------- none
// ASSIGNMENT ------ cs161 assignment 7 palindromes (due November 11th 2016)
// COMPILED WITH --- gcc version 5.4.0 20160609 (Ubuntu 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.2) in Sublime Text 3 Build 3126

#include <iostream> //cout, cin, getline()
#include <string> //at(), length(), erase()

using namespace std; //liam is a cool guy! yug looc a si mail?

string sentenceBuilder(string input); //function removes puntuation and spaces from input string
bool isPalindrome(string sentence); //function chcks whether string is a palindrome

char input[100000]; //user input with letters, punctuation, and spaces included
string sentence; //sentence after all punctuation and spaces are removed


int main()
cout << "please enter your sentence" << endl; //prompt user to enter their input
cout << "user input: "; //
cin.getline(input,100000); //cin the line (as long as it is under 100,000 characters)
sentenceBuilder(input); //call our sentenceBuilder function
cout << boolalpha << isPalindrome(sentence) << endl; //call and output our isPalindorme function

return 0; //return sucessful exit status


string sentenceBuilder(string input) //function removes puntuation and spaces from input string
for (int i = 0; i < input.length(); i++)
if (>='a' &&<='z'||>='A' &&<='Z') //if the inputted character is a letter...
sentence += tolower(; //...append a lowercase version of the letter to the sentence string

return sentence; //return the sentence to main()


bool isPalindrome(string sentence) //function chcks whether string is a palindrome
for (int i = 0; i < sentence.length(); i++)
while(sentence.length() > 1) //while there is at least 2 letters left in the string...
if ( == //...and if the first letter equals the last letter
cout << sentence << endl; //output the sentence
sentence.erase(0,1); //erase the first letter
sentence.erase(sentence.length()-1,1); //erase the last letter

else //otherwise...
cout << sentence << endl; //output the sentence
cout << "Your string is not a palindrome. Palindrome = ";
return false; //and return false

cout << "Your string is a palindrome! Palindrome = ";
return true; //if there are no letters left, return true



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Poem of the Day! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Today's Poem:
Swan and Shadow, by John Hollander, written in 1966


Above the
water hang the
O so
What A pale signal will appear
When Soon before its shadow fades
Where Here in this pool of opened eye
In us No Upon us As at the very edges
of where we take shape in the dark air
this object bares its image awakening
ripples of recognition that will
brush darkness up into light
even after this bird this hour both drift by atop the perfect sad instant now
already passing out of sight
toward yet-untroubled reflection
this image bears its object darkening
into memorial shades Scattered bits of
light No of water Or something across
water Breaking up No Being regathered
soon Yet by then a swan will have
gone Yes out of mind into what
of a
sudden dark as
if a swan